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Equipment Specials

Lab Equipment

All Mills come with a $150 credit toward the purchase
of any Zirconia, LithDi, or Milling Burrs.

Plus, Member Pricing for 6 months on Zirconia (GenesisZr and Aidite),
PMMA, and AMS LithDi Products with equipment purchase.

NextDent 3D Printer buyers get 2 years of NextDent Resin at Membership Prices.

Now Until 09.22.22

DOF UHD Scanner with PC

Special: $14,100 plus shipping

MSRP: $15,750
AMS Price: $14,950

AMD-500 with Dust Collector

Special: $24,550 plus $500 shipping

MSPR: $28,500
AMS Price: $27,100

NextDent 3D Printer System

Special: $12,800 plus $400 shipping

MSRP: $15,455 plus shipping
AMS Price: $14,700 plus shipping

Aidite AMW-400
AMW400 Wet Mill

Special: $24,000 plus $500 shipping

MSRP: $27,000
AMS Price: $25,650

DOF Craft 5X Wet/Dry Mill

Special: $47,000 plus $500 shipping

MSRP: $55,000
AMS Price: $49,900

AGT-L Sintering Oven

Special: $6,800 plus $500 shipping

MSRP: $8,500
AMS Price: $7,200

CFP-100 Porcelain Furnace

Show Special: $3,000

MSRP: $3,600
AMS Price: $3,300

CORiTEC 150i Dry Mill

Special: $25,900 plus $500 shipping

MSRP: $27,995
AMS Price: $26,700

AMD-500DC (12 Disc Changer) with Dust Collector

Special: $39,900 plus $900 shipping

MSRP: $45,000
AMS Price: $41,500

Our Advantage

Solutions from AmericaSmiles means...

Unbeatable Pricing

AmericaSmiles exists to serve the dental lab industry. As a partner, we bring premier solutions at highly competitive prices to our customers.

Greater Reliability

Our milling services are warranted for 7 years, and we negotiate the best support and warranties whenever possible. In addition, we have first-hand experience with the products and equipment we sell, so we can support you directly.

Better Service

At AmericaSmiles, we ONLY sell equipment and products we use every day in our milling center. And we only service dental laboratories, not dentists directly, which means we don't compete with our customers.

Our Story

Made by labs for labs.

AmericaSmiles began 20 years ago in Crete, IL. The founder’s vision was to provide intellectual, technical, and cooperative purchasing resources to individual dental labs through the strength of networking.

We are exclusive to dental labs and do no business directly with dentists. We highly value being partners, not competitors, with dental lab owners. Directly engaging with over 500 labs a year provides the team at AmericaSmiles with a strong knowledge of the needs and direction of dental lab owners.

Maintaining strong network relationships revealed the needs that launched our milling center in 2011. These same demands have launched the AmericaSmiles Zirconia manufacturing facility. Milling approximately 300 units a day and manufacturing the GenesisZr® disc provides us with complete knowledge of the product and all milling processes. Listening to the voice of dental labs, understanding their needs and concerns along manufacturing and milling the GenesisZr™ equips us with the ability to provide cost-saving knowledge, processes, and support to dental labs at a strong relationship level.

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AMS One Voice

Your partners in growth

The AMS One Voice program is a partnership opportunity for dental labs seeking business growth through collaboration and strategic marketing catered to your unique business.

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AmericaSmiles® was founded more than a decade ago after Keith Crittenden began sharing with dental industry colleagues his ideas for helping dentists improve their business as a means of growing his own dental lab business. Soon after, the AmericaSmiles® Network was launched and our mission has been supporting dental labs ever since.