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Offers Valid Until 03.31.23

Zirconia Milling Discs

Try the zirconia you've been missing.

Made by labs for labs, GenesisZr® zirconia milling discs deliver on our promise to help dental labs thrive. Available from classic white to pre-shaded, from high translucency to high strength, and thicknesses up to 25mm.


GenesisZr® Trial Offers

• Buy 5 or More Zirconia Discs, Get 1 Free
(Limit 1 - New Customers Only)
• Save $12/Disc - Member Pricing for 60-Days
• Get a Coloring Kit for $19.99 with Each Disc You Buy!


Biomic Stain & Glaze Kits

Basic Trial Kit - $152
Aesthetic Trial Kit - $295
With the usage guide from Aidite, technicians can utilize the simple system to achieve ideal aesthetic results.

AMS Milling Center

Increase your lab's output.

Our experienced technicians deliver the best zirconia crowns, implants, custom abutments, and digital dentures to satisfy even your pickiest dentist. Plus, every case is covered by a 5-year warranty and is FDA cleared.


Member Pricing for 60-Days

• $22/Zirconia Crown from STL File (Reg. $25)
• $40/Zirconia Crown from Model (Reg. $45)
Speak with a sales rep for additional materials.


Prepaid Abutment Deal

5 Pre-Paid Custom Abutments for $60ea
Includes any implant platform that we support with scan bodies/flags.


Better equipment.
Even better price.

All Mills come with a $150 credit toward the purchase
of any Zirconia, LithDi, or Milling Burrs.

Plus, Member Pricing for 6 months on Zirconia (GenesisZr and Aidite),
PMMA, and AMS LithDi Products with equipment purchase.

Now Until 03.31.23

DOF UHD Scanner with PC

Special: $14,100 + SH

MSRP: $15,750
AMS Price: $14,950

AMD-500 with Dust Collector

Special: $24,550 + $500 SH

MSPR: $28,500
AMS Price: $27,100

AMD-500DC (12 Disc Changer) with Dust Collector

Special: $39,900 + $900 SH

MSRP: $45,000
AMS Price: $41,500

Aidite AMW-400
AMW400 Wet Mill

Special: $24,000 + $500 SH

MSRP: $27,000
AMS Price: $25,650

DOF Craft 5X Wet/Dry Mill

Special: $47,000 + $500 SH

MSRP: $55,000
AMS Price: $49,900

AGT-L Sintering Oven

Special: $6,800 + $500 SH

MSRP: $8,500
AMS Price: $7,200

CFP-200 Porcelain Furnace

Show Special: $3,000

MSRP: $3,600
AMS Price: $3,300

CORiTEC 150i Dry Mill

Special: $25,900 + $500 SH

MSRP: $27,995
AMS Price: $26,700

NextDent 3D Printer System

Special: $12,800 + SH

MSRP: $15,455
Reg. Price: $14,700

Our Advantage

Working with AmericaSmiles means...

Unbeatable Pricing

AmericaSmiles exists to serve the dental lab industry. As a partner, we bring premier solutions at highly competitive prices to our customers.

Greater Reliability

Our milling services are warranted for 7 years, and we negotiate the best support and warranties whenever possible. In addition, we have first-hand experience with the products and equipment we sell, so we can support you directly.

Better Service

At AmericaSmiles, we ONLY sell equipment and products we use every day in our milling center. And we only service dental laboratories, not dentists directly, which means we don't compete with our customers.

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