Grow your Dental Lab with America’s Largest Lunch and Learn Study Club

Using Continuing Education programs as a primary means for marketing and sales has been a tool of industry leaders such as Implant Companies, Dental Manufacturers, and Dental Supply Companies.

With over 200 One Voice Dental Laboratories, we can now use CE to grow your dental laboratory. And we can do it better than any entity has ever done it before!

Why CE for Marketing

There is obviously no law stating that a dentist must change labs or even try one new lab per year.

However, every state in the union mandates that all licensed dentists obtain a certain number of Continuing Education credits on an annual or bi-annual basis.

This scenario creates a captive dental audience as dentists seek convenient and affordable ways to obtain high-quality continuing education. Dental Implant companies have known this for years and have perfected the art of offering and providing dentists with continuing education credits as a means to ultimately sell dental implants and accompanying surgical accessories.

In the USA, nearly every continuing education course given is provided by a company that can ultimately sell the dentist a product or service. Dental manufacturers and supply companies have also benefited tremendously by providing CE courses to dentists.

Many large laboratories, including the nation’s largest lab, have made the concept of providing CE to dentists in exchange for marketing exposure as a pillar in their overall marketing strategy. In fact, many smaller labs have successfully used local lunch and learn programs to build their business. With over 200 dental laboratories sponsoring the AmericaSmiles One Voice marketing program, we can easily convert the AMS One Voice program into the nation’s most powerful resource for providing Continuing Education to dentists as a primary means to gain marketing exposure to each of our individual OneVoice Members.

Why Dental Lab Owners Struggle

The AMSEd Study Club

From the dentist’s point of view, here is how the AMSEd Study Club will appear to them.

  • The AMSEd Study Club will provide one live event per month that can be viewed from the convenience of their own office
  • Each event will be 90 minutes long with a 30-minute Q&A Session
  • Each event will provide 2 AGD approved CE Credits
  • Each event will provide high-level continuing education and not a commercial
  • Each event will feature nationally known speakers / Educators
  • Each live event will be replayed two weeks later as part of our AMSEd Study Club Rewind with live Q&A from the original lecturer
  • Our courses will be broadcast from AmericaSmiles Chicago-based broadcast studio as well as from nationally known academies such as The Dawson Academy, Piper Education and Research Center, Spear Education Center, LVI, and or Seattle Study Club
  • Bi-annually, we will feature a Two-Day Destination program offering 8-12 CE Credits
  • Dentists will always see and know the name of their sponsoring dental laboratory
  • Dentists will receive a limited number of free seminars compliments of your dental lab
  • Dentists will receive all online seminars free if they become a client of your lab
  • Dentists will receive discounts on destination CE programs by becoming a client of your lab

Benefits to Your Lab

As with our current One Voice Program, your lab will be assigned 100 prospective dentists that we will market to on a monthly basis. Postcards will be mailed twice a quarter to your prospective dentists advertising the AMS Ed Study Club with your lab listed as the sponsoring lab for the dentist's free access to the event.

Our team will call each of your dentists to invite them to attend the event compliments of your dental lab and requesting the dentist’s email so we can send additional information. While registering and during the live event the dentists will see that the free event is sponsored by your dental lab.

After the live event the attending dentist will receive a “call to action” to try your lab for one case. The week after the event our professional sales force will call the attending dentist to request they try your lab. The dentists in your group will receive regular contact via, postcard, email, and direct phone calls promoting both the AMSEd Study Club and your dental laboratory simultaneously.

Future Benefits

  • The AMSEd Study Club will position our lab association to sell the following products and services directly to dentists
  • Dental Supplies
  • Dental Implants
  • Direct Marketing Services to patients
  • All of these new revenue sources will be shared with the sponsoring dental laboratory

One final benefit for your secure future in the dental lab industry: Every dental lab that sponsors the AMSEd Study Club will receive a Stock Futures Contract guaranteeing your ability to purchase a portion of AmericaSmiles based on current market value. If the AMSEd Study Club causes the AMS Stock Value to double, you will have the right and guarantee to purchase stock in AmercaSmiles based on the value at the time of your signing.

Over the years, AmercaSmiles has been approached by a number of both Venture Capital Organizations and Existing Dental Companies to purchase AmericaSmiles. The lab industry built AmercaSmiles and the lab industry deserves the reward for our success.

Within 5 years of launching the AMSEd Study Club, we will once again consider the offer to sell AMS but only after our labs have had the right to buy into AmericaSmiles by exercising their stock option for a quick and immediate profit for those labs who made AmericaSmiles what it is today and once we have achieved our full potential.

Join AMSEd Study Club Now

Your sponsorship of the AMS Study Club  includes the following:

  • A minimum of 100 prospective dentists assigned to your dental lab
  • A minimum of 100 postcard mailers advertising AMSEd Study Club and your dental lab
  • A minimum of 100 phone calls made inviting dentists to watch the next event (your lab named as sponsor)
  • Request and maintain email data for additional advertisement exposure
  • Commissions from dentists who attend our destination programs
  • Commissions from dentists who purchase dental supplies or implants from AMS
  • Stock option certificate giving you the right to purchase AMS stock based on 2023 Stock prices
  • Monthly AMSEd Study Club sponsorship is $350 per month with a 12-month minimum commitment (or $3850 one year paid in advance)

Join the AMSEd Study Club


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