UP3D | Milling Machines


The UP3D 5-axis milling machine with C-Clamp includes a highly reliable and robust (30,000rpm) spindle. The mill comes with the V10 dust collector. All UP3D mills come with CAD/CAM software for efficient and complete operation. 

UP3D | Milling Machines


Efficiency and performance are both available in the UP3D P53DC 12-disc changing 5-axis milling machine with C-Clamp.  A high speed (60,000 rpm) spindle, comes with dust collector. In addition, all UP3D milling machines come with UP3D CAD/CAM Software.

p42 wet mill
UP3D | 4-axis Wet Mill


P42 is a newly upgraded wet dental milling machine with 4 axis, applicable for milling glass ceramic and titanium abutment, capable of grinding 3 glass ceramic blocks or 1 titanium abutment at once. With high precision and efficient, as well as auto calibration, resume milling and other functions, the P42 will meet your lab or clinical milling standards

DOF | All-in-One Wet/Dry Mill


The Craft 5x is an all-in-one 5-axis wet/dry mill that can switch back and forth seamlessly to allow for milling of all ceramic and metal materials. This is the premier wet-dry mill in the market today.

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Aidite | Advanced Milling Machines


Aidite AMD-500S is a high-precision, high-efficiency five-axis dry milling machine with stable operation, powerful functions and easy operation. 90° vertical processing, intelligent maintenance reminder, safety door function, integrated silicone seal and dust-proof design, bring you the most ideal processing solution.

CMD-500 Dry Milling Machine
Aidite | Advanced Milling Machines

Cameo CMD-500

A highly reliable, robust 5-axis milling machine with C-Clamp.  Includes a high speed (60,000rpm) spindle, comes with dust collector. Compatible with hyperDENT and Millbox Camming software

Aidite | 4-axis Wet Mill

Cameo CMW-400

The robust 4-axis wet mill for glass-ceramic, composite and preform abutments. Includes a high speed (80,000 rpm) spindle, and can hold 6 tools for use with multiple materials. Compatible with hyperDENT and Millbox Camming software


CORiTEC 150i - Dry

The imes-icore CORiTEC 150i Dry is a five-axis dry-milling machine perfect for demanding dental lab daily use.

Roland 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine


The next generation of the industry’s best-selling dental mill has kept everything users love, and then made it even better