Aidite Sintering Ovens

AIdite Fast Sintering Ovens


The Aidite Fast Sintering Furnaces are high performance, high quality zirconia sintering furnace. They are equipped with high purity silicon heating elements to prevent any contamination of the zirconia.

The easy to use control display allows for programming of up to 20 cycles of either fast or regular sintering curves.

The furnace is covered by a 12 months warranty on integrated furnace chamber and thermocouple.
Ask about our worry-free support and how you can get an extra set of heating elements FREE with your purchase.

1) AGT-S
For approx. 30 units and a fast sintering cycle of 2.5 hours.

2) AGT-L
For approx. 70 units and a fast sintering cycle of 3.5 hours.

Technical Parameters

  • Touch Screen Size: (153 mm x 89 mm)
  • Rated power: 2.5KW
  • Programs quantity: 20 programs
  • Number of silicon cardon rods: 3
  • Maximum temperature: 1700 ℃
  • Operating temperature: less than 1650 ℃
  • Hearth size: S- 90mmx100mm // L - 110mm × 100mm
  • Dimensions: AGT-L - height 787mm × width 400mm x depth 610mm
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃
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