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AMS One voice™

Win dentists.

Grow your lab.

Marketing to dentists has never been easier with the AMS One Voice marketing program. We get you in door with new dentists so you can focus on operating your lab.

Hear from Real Lab Owners

Listen to the experiences of real lab owners who have seen their businesses grow and their workflow improved.

What is One Voice Marketing?

Marketing to dentists with proven results.

One Voice trumpets the value of a dentist partnering with a local dental lab. Promoting the benefits of your lab with the resources of the AmericaSmiles Network increases your lab's brand and credibility. We provide your dental lab with a marketing structure that is designed to have dentists reaching out to your business. On your behalf, our team markets to the same 100 or more dentists every month using three powerful marketing tools. Our strategy provides targeted, valuable, clear, and consistent messaging about your business, increasing your lab's name recognition and brand identity.

Why It Works

Time-tested approach.

Marketing to 100s of dentists.

Our Goal: 10+ Appointments/yr
for every 100 Prospects

4 Burst Campaigns per year.


Direct Mail

4 Campaigns - 8 Mailings

We use strategic direct mail marketing using custom postcards with your branding to get right to the desks of your potential clients. Postcards are also printed with a QR code to link directly to a web page.

Direct Connect

4 Campaigns calling All Prospects

We'll make personal calls to your targeted list of prospects in order to make a direct connection between the dentist's office and your lab 3 times per year. We get past the gatekeepers and book the meetings for the best potential new clients for your business.

Digital Marketing

17+ Customized Messages

We create and deploy email campaigns with your branding and messaging to drive traffic to a custom landing where prospects can learn more about your business and book a phone call.

How We Do It

Simple. Effective. Personal.

Step 1

The Setup
  • We will provide a list of qualified dental prospects for you to review and approve.
  • Our creative team designs a custom landing page, postcard and email with your branding, messaging and services.

Step 2

Direct Mail Campaign
  • Your custom postcards are printed and mailed with a unique QR to drive traffic to your landing page where prospects are prompted to have a conversation to learn more.
  • Our team collects and reviews the results of your campaign.

Step 3

DirectConnect Call Session
  • A lead-gen specialist will personally call prospective dentists on behalf of your lab.
  • Your representative will arrange appointments, trials and archive emails for future campaigns.

Step 4

Email Campaign
  • Each of the 4 campaigns include custom emails sent to your dental prospects with a link to your landing page.
  • Results and traffic are recorded for future campaigns.

Step 5

  • You'll receive a monthly report summarizing all the activity of the past month's campaigns.
  • Your representative will provide guidance for future campaigns.
End-to-End Service

We do it all. Yes, even design.

Our creative team creates all of the assets for your campaigns while gathering your input, applying your messaging and insuring that your branding is represented with quality.

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Schedule a call with us to discuss what we can do to win your dental lab more dentists, streamline communications and deliver strategic marketing solutions.

Real People. Real Results.

Still not convinced? Hear it from real lab owners we've helped.

We've helped hundreds of lab owners find new dentists to grow their business, scale operations, and streamline workflow.

Lavan Dental Solutions LLC


AMS has taken all the pressure off of finding new clients. They provide peace of mind knowing that they will replace any clients and assist with lab work.

3D Digital Dental Solutions


AMS has allowed me to not waste time calling and traveling for prospects that don't pay off. I can focus on working at the bench and not worry about marketing.

Dentures Unlimited


We've gained 50 new clients since we started using One Voice and couldn't be happier. It's exceeded all expectations and the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Molar Magic


One of the best decisions I've ever made! Thanks to AMS marketing, products and equipment, we're now in the position to scale our lab to be as large as we want.