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Working with us gives labs a needed edge.

We understand that every lab can't do it all. They shouldn't have to. The AmericaSmiles Network offers a suite of services and tools that fills in any workflow gaps, make your day-to-day more efficient and help put you in front of the right dentists for your business.

Milling Services



Compete at Every Level

Engage a Partner to Help you Grow

Whether you're just starting out or ready to take your dental lab to the next level, an AmericaSmiles Membership can fill the gaps to help you compete.

We are a cooperative network of labs that exists to serve dental labs by providing cutting-edge products and services that allow you to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. With our array of marketing and milling services, we fill in the gaps so you can compete at any level.

Labs that join the AmericaSmiles® Network find tools and resources to help better run their business and provide added-value services and benefits to their dentists. These programs deliver real, tangible value to labs, such as adding clients, reducing costs, and increasing the quality of their products and services.


AmericaSmiles Full Service Milling Center

The exclusive and certified design and milling center of the AmericaSmiles Network offers high-quality and affordable zirconia copings, crowns, bridges and abutments, glass ceramic copings & crowns, custom titanium abutments and bars, and 3D printed dentures & models.

As a membership-based milling center, we are held to a high standard for quality, reliability and service. In addition, since the entire AmericaSmiles family exists to support dental labs and help improve their business, providing a competitive price is a must.

Zirconia Restorations

Titanium Custom Abutments

Titanium Bars

Scanning & Design

Custom Sintering

Screw Retained Crowns

3D Printing and More!

Cooperative Purchasing & Milling Discounts

Being a cooperative network of labs allows us to purchase lab supplies, equipment, software, implant components, and more in bulk at great discounts. With the power of our network, we're also able to offer milling services at scale. Network membership gives you access to these discounted products and services.

Comprehensive Tech Support

Our milling center utilizes all of the products, software, and equipment that we sell. If it can happen, we've probably already experienced it. Because of this, we've become experts at troubleshooting and resolving equipment and product challenges.

Never Worry About Equipment Failure

Equipment failures are expensive to fix and downtime can cost you even more in lost business. As a network member, you're entitled to up to $500/24mo in equipment services protection. We'll even scan and/or mill your cases at a great discount while your machine is being fixed.

Connect with Dentists

Through years of marketing on behalf of dental labs, we've found what dentists want and how to communicate effectively. We're able to implement a combination of lead generation, direct mail, email and content marketing specifically targeted to dentists to generate leads for your lab.

Graphic & Web Design

We understand that as business owners, not all of us have the skills required to build and maintain an effective web presence. That's where we come in. When you become an AmericaSmiles network member, we set you up with a FREE custom website. We even host it for you.

Become an Asset to Your Dentists

One of the core focuses of the AmericaSmiles Network is to provide value to our partners' dentists. We do this by offering our members access to intraoral scanners, impression material, and more that can be offered to your dentists. We're now offering Marketing services to dentists, and equipping them with knowledge on emerging products and services.

Member Discounts

You can save on every order and every case. Member labs get special pricing across our product line, access to special promotions, and reduced rates in our milling center for thousands of dollars in savings every year. Connect with us to find out how much you could save!

Marketing Services

We've helped hundreds of dental labs grow their business with our time-tested that wins you new business without compromising your bench work. Plus, member labs get our suite of marketing services for a reduced monthly rate!


Nobody does it better.

File Conversion

Need a file conversion but don't have the proper software? We can help.

Sponsored Discounts

Network support also includes product discounts from SHOFU Dental Corporation.

Training, Newsletters & Webinars

We are committed to providing our members with knowledge in the form of video updates, quarterly newsletters, and informative bulletins.

Find Patients for Your Dentists

Our network of nearly 1,000 location-specific referral sites are designed specifically to drive patients to your dentists.

Get in Front of Dentists

We put your lab in front of dentists via our exclusive dental lab directory.

Real People. Real Results.

Still not convinced? Hear it from real lab owners we've helped.

We've helped hundreds of lab owners find new dentists to grow their business, scale operations, and streamline workflow.

Molar Magic


One of the best decisions I've ever made! Thanks to AMS marketing, products and equipment, we're now in the position to scale our lab to be as large as we want.

3D Digital Dental Solutions


AMS has allowed me to not waste time calling and traveling for prospects that don't pay off. I can focus on working at the bench and not worry about marketing.

Dentures Unlimited


We've gained 50 new clients since we started using AMS marketing services and couldn't be happier. It's exceeded all expectations!

Lavan Dental Solutions LLC


AmericaSmiles has given our lab peace of mind knowing that they will help us find new clients,vand assist with bench work in their milling center.

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