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Independence Day 2024 – The 248th Birthday Celebration of The United States of America

  This July 4th will be the 248th birthday celebration of The United States of America. We live in a country with many challenges and with great opportunities. At AmericaSmiles, we proudly celebrate the American promise and all that America is meant to be – the land of the free and the home of the ... Read more

Dental Lab Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Ready to Upgrade Your Lab? Here are some things to consider when shopping for new equipment. Milling Machines What do you want to mill? You’ll want to consider whether you want a wet or dry mill. If a mill is “dry only”, then milling metal won’t be an option. We recommend a dry-only mill for ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Raising Your Lab Prices

Let’s get ready to rumble with another episode of AmericaSmiles: Tips, and Tricks. In today’s episode, I want to talk about how to raise your prices and raise your fees for your dental lab. It’s a real sensitive subject. It’s a challenging subject to approach. Most people are scared to death to raise their prices. ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Are Your Crowns Growing Ugly Over Time?

On today’s episode of AmericaSmiles Tips and Tricks, we’re going to talk about creating legacy crowns. What do I mean? Let me tell you a little story. My nephew bought a new golden retriever pup. I hadn’t been to his house in a couple of weeks, and when I showed up at his house, I ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: The Easiest Way to Get New Dentists to Try Your Lab

On today’s episode of AmericaSmiles, Tips, and Tricks, we discussed the easiest way to get new dentists to try your laboratory. The best tip I can give you to bring in new dentists is to utilize the AmericaSmiles One Voice program. So, I’m going to explain to you what One Voice is and give you ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Making Regular Zirconia Look Like Layered Feldspathic Porcelain

In today’s episode of AmericaSmiles, Tips, and Tricks, we’re going to teach you how to get regular zirconia—monolithic zirconia—to look like layered feldspathic porcelain. Starting with Classic White So, how do you get your zirconia to look like layered porcelain? Here at AmericaSmiles, we mill everything in classic white. I have previously argued why I ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Zirconia Types

Welcome to another episode of America’s smiles, tips, and tricks. Today, I will compare classic white zirconia, Pre-Shaded zirconia, and then multilayer zirconia. I’m going to give you some very distinct opinions based on what I think. I’m going to think that I’m right because, well, I’m doing the video, and you’re not. I do ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Zirconia Oven Health

Welcome to another episode of America’s Smiles, tips, and tricks. Today, we’re going to be talking about zirconia oven health. Now it sounds like my tip may be a funny topic, like, What do you mean zirconia oven health? Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire When you’re cooking, the zirconia in the oven is hitting 2,700-2,800 ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Handling Zirconia

Welcome to another episode of AmericaSmiles, tips, and tricks. Today, we’re going to talk about handling your zirconia or managing your zirconia from mill to bill. Zirconia itself is very fragile, and one of the key things I’m going to focus on in this video is the cracks that may show up post sintering. So, ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Managing Remakes

Welcome to America’s smiles tips and tricks. Today’s question to answer is, “How do you stop doing free remakes?” It’s a bad habit of the lab industry. I work with hundreds of laboratory owners on a monthly basis, and I don’t know how we got trapped into these notions of thinking that we’re the weak ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Marketing Basics

Welcome to America Smiles with tips and tricks where we try to help the average laboratory owner with some guidance on how to run their laboratory more effectively. The topic we’ll discuss is marketing-related; my favorite subject. More specifically, we’ll be tackling essential marketing tactics that all labs should be using. Don’t Get Comfortable Far ... Read more

Tips and Tricks: Onboarding New Dentists

Welcome to the America Smiles tips and tricks. We’re going to touch on various financial subjects, technical subjects, and marketing subjects. The whole idea of this program is to give you simple tips and tricks to help you run your business more efficiently. For today’s installment, we’re going to discuss something in the marketing category ... Read more

Leveraging the Emergence of Intraoral Scanners

With the increasing adoption rate of intraoral scanners grows dental labs and clinicians are realizing added value in leveraging the technology. Here are a few reasons why your laboratory will benefit from using intraoral scanners. 1. You position yourself as a valuable asset. As digital technology reinvents the laboratory marketplace, laboratories have the unique opportunity ... Read more

Properly Evaluating Implant Components

3 IMPORTANT FACTORS WHEN SELECTING QUALITY IMPLANT COMPONENTS. Almost all dental laboratories now support dental implants as part of their core services for their dentists. These implants utilize a number of different materials and techniques specific to individual need. 1. FDA CLEARANCE The safety and efficacy of dental implants is regulated by the FDA. These ... Read more

Becoming a Full Service Lab

The Necessity of Diversifying Your Services Technology has brought the most considerable directional shift that anyone in today’s dental industry has ever experienced. The “good ol’ days” where labs relied upon time-tested methods and practices have come to a resounding close. Dental labs are forced to compete in an ever-changing technological world. The last few ... Read more