Simple. Elegant. Powerful. The UP1000 is a high precision dental 3D scanner with dual 5MP high resolution cameras. You will be impressed with the UP1000's advanced software algorithms, high resolution and precision scanning data, applicable for every kind of case including complicated fixed restorations, bridges, implant/scanbody, screw-retained crowns, and all-on-x.

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Freedom X5

Unleash the power of cutting-edge dental technology with the FREEDOM X5 Dental Lab Model Scanner. This robust system is equipped with a 5MP camera and a patented camera moving system, enabling convenient and precise scans without the need for fixing the model. Coupled with UHD resolution, the FREEDOM X5 ensures sharp margin lines, making it a preferred choice for meticulous dental lab work.

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Freedom UHD

The All-New Freedom UHD scanner is a premium 3D scanner with powerful Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution and DOF’s patented Stable Scan Stage (SSS) technology. 5.0MP cameras of the Freedom UHD provides data with the sharpest margin lines.

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Freedom HD

The Freedom HD scanner offers all of the features you would expect from a premium scanner and more. Using a completely unique patented technology called Stable Scan Stage (SSS), the 2.0MP camera and light module move 0-90° and the scanning plate rotates 360° around the scanning stage to capture all necessary details without using fixtures or adhesives to hold the models in place.

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Swing is perfect for scanning gypsum models. But it is also optimized for silicone and alginate impression. Our innovative HSS algorithm enables you to capture areas that are difficult to scan and output final positive models.

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Prime is a simple scanner with most of key elements you need for your lab. Not only will you benefit from a quick scanning process, but you will also increase your work efficiency with the multi-die plate.


E-Series Scanner

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