The AMS IntraOral Scanner

Have you lost dentists because another lab gave them a free scanner?

Offer Your Dentists a Free IntraOral Scanner

We speak with labs regularly who are losing their hard-earned dentists to labs that are simply offering them a free intraoral scanner. In response, AmericaSmiles, in partnership with Launca Medical to offer the Launca IntraOral Scanner.

DL300 scanner appliance
Not Just Any IntraOral Scanner

Introducing the AMS IntraOral Scanner

The AMS IOS powered by Launca is the latest series of intraoral scanners - the perfect digital companion to take your doctor's practice to the next level. The DL-300 series comes in both wireless and wired versions, offering versatility and convenience to cater to different scenarios.

This highly functional powder-free scanner delivers superior satisfaction for dentists AND patients and enhances accuracy, ease of scan, and intelligent functionality.

See for yourself how the DL-300 provides new features noted as important additions by doctors of many different brands.

Light Weight (Only 180 Grams)

Anti-Fogging and Powder Free

Includes an LED Light

Delivers Scans in An Open File Format (STL/PLY)

Simple to Use

Scans to a Depth of 20mm

Accurate to 30 Microns on a Quad and 60 Microns for Full Arch

Dual Camera Design that Delivers Complete 3D Structure in the Field of View

Fast - 30 Seconds Full Arch Scan

Uses Video to Construct the 3D Model, Not Individual Photos.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Quicker Turnarounds, More Accurate Restorations, Happier Dentists

Most labs don’t realize, but simply picking up an impression, making a model, and then scanning that model costs at least $30-40 in time and materials. If the average Dentist sends you 20 cases a month, then at $35 per case, you are spending upwards of $700/mo. before you start designing.

The Launca scanner with a laptop and two years of bumper-to-bumper warranty, maintenance, and support has an MSRP of $18,600, but this includes everything – there are no hidden or out-of-pocket fees. We will offer this scanner to your lab for $15,250.00, which is 18% off the MSRP. Members can lease this scanner for 43 months approximately $410.00/mo.* through our financing partner or directly from AmericaSmiles with $2,300 and 37 payments of $400.00 (subject to interest rates and availability).

End to End Support

We keep your dentists up and running with a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, maintenance, and support.

Comprehensive Remote Training

From workflow to technical training, we ensure your dentists are using your scanner to keep your lab busy and not collecting dust in the corner.

No Hidden Fees

What you see is exactly what you get. $410* per month for 43 months, no funny business.

*Subject to change based on current financing rates.

We want to compete head-to-head with Dandy

Backed by the nation’s largest network of labs

The AmericaSmiles Dental Lab Network is ideally suited to compete head-to-head with Dandy and every other competitor in the market today. Together we are the nation’s largest network of labs, with nearly 200 committed members in 46 states.
We are proposing a highly competitive solution to compete with Dandy, and your participation plays a key role in this effort.

AMS_Nations_Largest_Dental_Lab_NetworkArtboard 2-100
Two Opportunities

Two flexible options to fit your lab's needs

Option 1

Give your dentists a free scanner

If your dentist is sending close to 20 cases a month, someone is going to offer them a scanner sooner or later.

Maybe sooner. We will lease this scanner to you for $410/mo.* for 43mos. You will give the scanner to your dentist to use as long as they work with you. In this way, they get a free scanner, you lock in the work, and you save $300/mo.

What about printed models?

If your dentists want a printed model for their prosthetic, you can provide that for an additional fee. AmericaSmiles can print the model for you. AMS can provide a small check model (3 units - top and bottom) for $16 or a quad top and bottom for $22. We can arrange for the scanned files to come directly to you if you have the infrastructure, or the work can come directly to AMS Dental Technologies.

Can I design files myself?

If you want to design the files, we can make them available for you to download. If you want us to design them, we can do that for you.

Save $10,000 over 36 months, while producing quicker, more accurate restorations for your dentists.

Over 36 months, we estimate you will save $10,800, plus have the potential to increase earnings by selling models when required. Over 5 years, you save even more. When the lease ends, you can save $700/mo. This is a savings of $27,600 over 5 years.

Option 2

We pay you $400 to take on new clients!

While some companies offer dentists ‘free’ scanners, there are all sorts of hoops to jump through, and the restrictions might not be for every dentist.

We believe there is an opportunity for us to sell intraoral scanners to dentists. We’d like to propose that we begin a campaign to offer the AMS IOS solution to your prospective/targeted dentist list. We would help them secure financing through our lending partner and connect them with your lab. For every dentist on your marketing list that buys a scanner, we will pay you $500.00. In return, you agree to provide lab services at a discounted rate for a 3-year period of time.

Here's how it would work:

  • You provide your standard pricing structure to this dental practice.
  • You connect with the dentist and perform some work so they get to know you.
  • If they buy a scanner and send you work, then you agree to provide a 10% discount on monthly invoices paid on-time.

Our pitch to the dentist says we can offer them the scanner at a competitive price and help them finance it for 4 years. In return, we introduce them to the AmericaSmiles Network Lab in their area. Your lab agrees to help offset the cost of the monthly financing payment for the first 3 years as long as the dentist agrees to send the lab the work. In exchange, your lab will discount the lab bill by 10% for timely invoice payments. If the dentist has enough work to justify the scanner, they’ll likely have enough work to nearly offset the purchase cost.

*Subject to change based on current financing rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure you have a question or two

No, but it can be. If you're giving the unit to your dentist, we believe it should be locked to your lab. If the dentist is purchasing the unit, we'll set it up to more easily send to your lab but will retain the option to send it elsewhere.

Yes, when your doctor uploads files, you will get an email notice and will have a password from your doctor to download the files directly to your lab so you can process them as needed.. If you want us to design them, send them to us.

Now, if they want a printed model for their prosthetic, you can provide that for an additional fee. AmericaSmiles can print the model for you. AMS can provide a small check model (3 units - top and bottom) for $16 or a quad top and bottom for $22. We can arrange for the scanned files to come directly to you if you have the infrastructure, or the work can come directly to AMS Dental Technologies.

Absolutely, and we'd be happy to help you get connected with that dentist.

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