UP3D P42 Wet Mill/Grinding Machine

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P42 Wet Mill/ Grinding Machine

P42 is a newly upgraded wet dental milling machine with 4 axis, applicable for milling glass ceramic and titanium abutment, capable of grinding 3 glass ceramic blocks or 1 titanium abutment at once. With high precision and efficient, as well as auto calibration, resume milling and other functions, the P42 will meet your lab or clinical milling standards

  • 4-Axis wet milling
  • High Speed 60,000rpm Spindle
  • Glass ceramic, Composite and Preform Titanium Abutments
  • Integrated CNC Controller
  • All UP3D mills come with CAD/CAM software
p42 wet mill


  • 4-Axis wet-mill
  • High Speed 60,000rpm spindle
  • Operates from Clear Water - no grinding fluid required
  • Built-in computer - no external computer required
  • automatic calibration
  • tool life monitoring
  • One-Year Warranty
  • 3 Glass Ceramic or 1 premilled titanium abutment
  • Integrated CAMing Software
  • Industry Leading 2-Year Warranty


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