CFP-200 Porcelain Furnace



New generation intelligent high-tech porcelain furnace, with stable vacuum heating and intelligent temperature control technology. The Ultra-muffle sealing and quartz tube cover heating unit enhances the temperature regulation. The 30% controlled heat acceleration process protects the heating unit from aging and ensures a prolonged clean muffle chamber.The second stage program is ideal for modern ceramics which meet specific requirements.The temperature control has an accuracy of+/ - 1 °C with ls/time. Accurate time feedback by AI intelligent temperature control system is displayed in all 3 stages of the heating process. Automatically pre-dry, furnace closing, heat dissipation, and adjustable temperature cooling are unique features of this furnace. The CFP-100 brings a more personalized humanized experience and significantly improves ceramic sintering results.


AI intelligent Temp. Control
  •  Intelligent hearth technology
  • Aero-level vacuum heating purity
Touch Screen and Program
  • 7inch touch screen, OSD operation display
  • 117 + 3 built-in programs
  •  Portable tool storage design
One Button Sleep
  • One button sleep/wake, energy-saving protection function
  • Spring-sealed structure
  • Bilateral cooling plate
LED Lamp Belt
Firing Cooling System
  • LED atmosphere light belt
  • More accurate smart alerts
  • Second-stage program meets the specific market requirements
  • Automatic air cooling system controllable temperature cooling
Electroplating and Painting
  • Streamlined cone appearance, black and white design, electroplating texture

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