AMS IntraOral Scanner by Launca



Launca Medical's DL-300 Series Intraoral Scanner (Wireless & Wired version) is now available. The new series intraoral scanner features our latest AI technology, allowing for effortless and cleaner scanning with speed while ensuring high accuracy.

The DL-300 is the most light-weight, intelligent, and powerful intraoral scanner we have ever offered. With an enlarged 17mm X 15mm FOV, sleek & ergonomic design with two tip size options (Standard & Medium), dentists are able to enjoy the speed, simplicity, and ultimate scanning experience with DL-300. The Wireless version offers up to 60 minutes of continuous scanning,

  • Easy to use and seamlessly merges into a dental practice’s digital treatment workflow.
  • An open solution configured to direct the scans right to the dentist’s design team (your lab).
  • We’ve addressed all the early design concerns expressed by doctors of many different brands:
    • Light weight (less than 230grams)
    • Anti-fogging and is powder-free
    • Includes an LED light
    • Delivers scans in an open file format (STL/PLY)
    • Simple to use.
    • Highly accurate to 10microns!
    • Next generation dual camera design that deliver complete 3D structure in the field of view
    • Scans to a depth of up to 20mm.
    • Fast – under 30 second full-arch scan
    • Calibration Free
    • Instead of the taking of individual pictures, the DL-206 uses video to create the 3D model.
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