Biomic Restoration: Replicate Bio-Esthetics of Natural Dentition

Webinar | May 31st 11 AM - 12 PM CST

The Power of Biomic

A simple approach to achieving beautiful esthetics.

Unique, innovative coloration system using 3 different glazes for a visual 3D effect

A system that will revolutionize your laboratory with minimum effort. 

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Biomic: A Comprehensive Description and Introduction

Product description and introduction

  • A paste system for coloration
  • Color grains- ceramic particles embedded in glaze
  • Medium viscosity for control (show picture)
  • Micro-layering scheme (show diagrams)
  • Thin or thick layering to control contour
  • Flowable, additive process instead of painting
  • 2D paste combined with exotic glaze to create a 3D effect
  • Fluorescence explanation

Application Details and Explanation

  • Applied as a thin layer to color with Liquid 1 & F Glaze
  • Applied as a thicker layer to add contours
  • Use of recommended schematics
  • Viscosity control by mixing with liquid medium
  • Process of coloring with 3DN, 3DV Glaze & liquid 2

Processing tips details and description

Low-temperature powder can be mixed into Glaze-F to form a special paste. If it is too thick, it can be mixed with coloring fluid 1. (Show in video form or picture).

Show details of special color 3D paste, mixing the colors with 3D Natural, and add the coloring fluid 2 to adjust the consistency as needed for easy operation.


Daniel Swamy


May 31st 11 AM - 12 PM

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