Dental Lab Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Dental Lab Equipment Buyer’s Guide

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Ready to Upgrade Your Lab?

Here are some things to consider when shopping for new equipment.

Milling Machines

What do you want to mill?
You’ll want to consider whether you want a wet or dry mill. If a mill is “dry only”, then milling metal won’t be an option. We recommend a dry-only mill for your first Zirconia, PMMA, and Wax milling. As you grow, we think it’s best to invest in a mill that can do both in the event you want to expand your milling capabilities.

If I buy a mill, what other equipment do I need?
Clean compressed air is a must. You should confirm you have sufficient air pressure to support your mills and your other needs for compressed air. The air for your milling machine needs to be thoroughly filtered – it’s often best to do this at the source instead of at each machine.

Sintering oven – if you are going to be milling zirconia, you will need a sintering oven. You want one that is easy to program, can store multiple sintering cycles and can hold enough units for growth.

Dust collector/vacuum – some come with a vacuum, but most require a separate unit. Be sure that the vendor has included a vacuum.

CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software – HyperDent, MillBox, or Exocad CAM are typical options. You will want to be sure you understand what will run with your system and have the proper PC hardware to support the application.

What zirconia will you use?
Whether you’re replacing an existing mill or buying your first, zirconia materials are crucial to consider for translucency, availability, and cost to support all your requirements. Is the product made in the US?  AmericaSmiles can fuel your lab’s growth by supplying your mill with a suite of affordable, top-tier zirconia products. GenesisZr® includes a complete line of Full-indication (in classic white and pre-shaded), Anterior, and High Strength products.  We also offer the market-leading 3D Pro Multi from Aidite, plus PMMA and wax.

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What about tool wear?
You’re going to continuously need to replenish your milling burrs. The lowest price option would be carbide burrs, but you’ll find yourself changing those often as they wear out quickly. If you make the switch to AMS Diamond milling burrs, you’ll get burrs that last up to 8x longer at only about 2.5 times the price, which saves your lab money and time.

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Is it accurate?
A scanner counts for nothing if it cannot capture all the detail you need. If you’re working from inaccurate scan models, then your work will suffer. Our scanners are not only top-rated for their accuracy, but also for their scanning speed.

Is it easy to use?
Nobody enjoys working with temperamental or difficult equipment. Plus, it slows you down and prevents you from utilizing valuable features. Our scanners are hand-picked because they are simple to operate and won’t slow you down.

What about Software? Should I buy a Closed or Open System?
What you are really asking is whether you should buy a 3Shape or an Exocad-compatible scanner. If you are already in love with 3Shape design software, you will probably want to stay with that scanner line (we can help you there). If not, you can save a lot of money (nearly half the price for comparable scanners) and get the world’s leading dental design software (Exocad – we are an authorized dealer). You’ll save on annual licensing fees and increase your future flexibility on equipment choices.

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3D Printers

How fast is it?
Not all printers are created equal. When minutes count, you want the fastest tool for the job. Of course, you don’t want to compromise accuracy for speed either. Our printers are among the fastest and most accurate on the market, which means you don’t have to compromise.

What about resin costs?
Resin is plentiful, but it’s expensive. Your printer can’t produce without it. Don’t be discouraged though. AmericaSmiles can sell you the resin you need to meet the demands of your doctors while meeting the savings goals of your business.

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What about software?
Most printers do not come with software. In that case, you’ll likely have to pay a fee each month or year for the software license. If you purchase a NextDent printer from AmericaSmiles, your lab shall receive Exocad for a one-time fee.

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Why buy now and not later?
If you purchase your equipment before the end of this year, you’ll be eligible to write off 100% of your equipment purchase under IRS Sec. 179. This entitles you to a substantial tax deduction that greatly offsets the cost of your equipment purchase. However, if you wait until after the New Year, you will no longer have access to this benefit.

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What about continued support?
Your productivity matters. We only sell equipment that we use in our own milling center. That means you can count on us for continued support from our technicians. Plus, our lab products have you covered for everything else from milling discs to resins. Call us to find out more.

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Feeling confident? Ready to grow your lab?

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