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The AmericaSmiles Direct Connect Program utilizes a staff of experienced professional sales people to call dental offices on your behalf, generating interest in your dental lab and scheduling appointments which provide you with the opportunity to speak directly with the practice's decision maker.

Increase Credibility

Secure New Clients

Build Rapport

Bolster Your Client Base

It's Simple! Here's how it works:

We compile a list of 150+ prospective dentists from your chosen area.

From here, you'll revise the list, removing your current client base or dentists with whom you'd prefer not to work with.

We call each dentist on the list and book appointments on your behalf.

While we don't guarantee appointments, on average we're able to call 70-100 prospective clients and book 3-6 appointments per session. If we haven't booked at least three appointments by the end of your session, we will continue to call for up to four additional hours in an attempt to secure three appointments.

Secure new clients through your booked appointments.

From here, it's just a matter of closing the lead. We'll provide you with tools to prepare for and follow up with each appointment. We recommend calling each doctor to thank them for setting the appointment and to confirm the time, date, and location.

The numbers don't lie

What's the impact of 1-2 new clients on your business?




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AmericaSmiles® was founded more than a decade ago after Keith Crittenden began sharing with dental industry colleagues his ideas for helping dentists improve their business as a means of growing his own dental lab business. Soon after, the AmericaSmiles® Network was launched and our mission has been supporting dental labs ever since.