Pre-Shaded Discs Special Offer

Pre-Shaded Discs Special Offer

Better-looking restorations in seconds.

Yes, seconds.

Let Us Show You How

GenesisZr® Pre-shaded discs with AMS Incisal Reducer delivers a more natural-looking crown or bridge, allows you to use the product for all applications, and provides a better all-around value than gradient or multilayer products.

The Comparison

The results speak for themselves.

Natural incisal edges have slight variations due to changes in the thickness of the enamel. Avoid "factory-made" looking transitions while producing quality restorations at a significantly lower cost.

Made by labs, for labs.

GenesisZr® Pre-Shaded Discs with Incisal Reducer

Our high translucency Pre-Shaded Zirconia Milling Disc, combines beauty and strength providing 46% translucency and 1,100Mpa three-point flexural strength after sintering. GenesisZr® ST100 (4Y) Pre-Shaded Zirconia is recommended for all indications. Please see the GenesisZr® ST100 (4Y) Pre-Shaded Zirconia instruction sheet for Indications for Use and other details.

Genesiszr pre shaded

Available Shades

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D2, and D3.

Available Sizes

98 mm x 12 mm | 98 mm x 14 mm | 98 mm x 16 mm | 98 mm x 18 mm | 98 mm x 20 mm | 98 mm x 22 mm | 98 mm x 25 mm

Special Offer

Purchase Any GenesisZr® Pre-Shaded Disc, Get $15 Off Any AMS Diamond Burr

Offer valid until 11/30/21. Discs and milling burrs must be purchased together at the same time.

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