Lab Supplies

Lab Supplies

Disc Reducer Ring

Disc Expansion Ring

Permits mills requiring 100 mm disk to use 98.4 mm disc

Glass Beads (80m)


Panavia F2.0 Dual Cure Dental Adhesive System (Paste and Liquid Primer II)

Panavia F2.0 Dual Cure Dental Adhesive System – includes 2.3 ml Syringe (Paste A) and ED Primer II Bottle (4 ml) Refill (Liquid A).

Pentel Arts Water Brush

Incisal tone application brushes

Pillow Boxes

Population Dish

3in x 3in population dish

Process Temperature Control Rings

Process Temperature Control Oven Rings

Purge Sintering Beads – Vision USA

Sintering Beads Decontaminator for the sintering oven, 8oz.

Red Sable Art Brush

Fine Red Sable Watercolor Brush

Sintering Beads - Digital Dental

Sintering Beads

Premium Dental Zirconia Sintering Beads, 1mm diameter

T1800 Heating Element

SinterMax T-1800 Heating Element

1800°C molybdenum disilicide Heating Elements for the T-1800 Sintering Furnace

Sintermax T1800 Aluminum Cable

Thermocoupler for Sintermax T1800 sintering furnace

Sorting Bin

3in x 3in sorting bin for chroma color shades.

Synthetic White Taklon Water Color Brush

Synthetic White Talkon Water Color Brush; 2.8mm Width x 13.0mm Hair Length

Tray Adhesive

Small Vial

Yellow Dental Stone


Yellow Intraoral Tips

Intra Oral Tips, yellow, 10 pieces/bag. used with mixing tips to dispense dental materials directly into the mouth for dental restorations such as crowns and bridges.