Chroma Zirconia Color 3D Mastershades

Chroma Zirconia Color 3D Mastershades


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3D Master Shade, 50ml, 29 VITA 3D Master Shade colors

3D Master Shade, 50ml, 29 VITA 3D Master Shade colors
1M1 | 1M2 | 2L1.5 | 2L2.5 | 2M1 | 2M2 | 2M3 | 2R1.5 | 2R2.5 | 3L1.5 | 3L2.5 | 3M1 | 3M2 | 3M3 | 3R1.5 | 3R2.5 | 4L1.5 | 4L2.5 | 4M1 | 4M2 | 4M3 | 4R1.5 | 4R2.5 | 5M1 | 5M2 | 5M3 | BL1 | BL2 | OM1 | OM2 | OM3

3D-Master shade matching for full contour zirconia restorations has long been a challenge for dental laboratories. The new CHROMA 3D-Master Shade liquids precisely match the Origin Beyond Plus™ zirconia for a quick and consistent approach to staining. Simply dip the restoration into the color liquid for 1 minute after applying the Origin Incisal Enhancer on the incisal area.

  • Eliminate the tedious & inconsistent conversion to 3D-Master from the Classic Vita.
  • Optimized for Beyond Plusâ„¢ zirconia for maximum translucency effects
  • Water based, Non-acidic color liquid
  • 29 Shades
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