Tips and Tricks: The Easiest Way to Get New Dentists to Try Your Lab

Tips and Tricks: The Easiest Way to Get New Dentists to Try Your Lab


On today’s episode of AmericaSmiles, Tips, and Tricks, we discussed the easiest way to get new dentists to try your laboratory. The best tip I can give you to bring in new dentists is to utilize the AmericaSmiles One Voice program. So, I’m going to explain to you what One Voice is and give you a little bit of its “Genesis” (That’s a little plug for the zirconia!).

How One Voice Began

The fact of the matter is that for most dental laboratory owners, the weakest area of their business is marketing and advertising. I explained on a previous episode of Tips and Tricks that marketing should be just as predictable as sending out statements, ordering supplies, or anything else that you do on a daily or weekly basis. So, I recognized this weakness in the lab industry a long time ago and I started what was called America’s Smiles. 

We had an American Smiles membership program that we did called Direct Connect. I realized that most laboratories don’t reach out to doctors. So, I started calling doctors on behalf of labs saying, “Hey, can I schedule a meeting for this guy’s laboratory to come out and meet with you?”

I would schedule the appointment, and the lab would meet with the doctor, show them the samples and the price list, and the labs got to close the deal and get them to commit. While the American Smiles Direct Connect program has been successful for the last 10 or 12 years, we gradually changed the program over time. 

We changed the name to what we call One Voice and started putting everyone on the same program. With the One Voice program, we would send out a postcard one, two, three months in a row to soften up that dental office. Then I would call and say, “Hey, you’ve heard of All Smiles Dental Lab, right? I’ve been sending you these postcards. Can I get you to schedule a meeting with this guy?” Eventually, I discovered that the lab guys weren’t keeping the meetings because they didn’t know how to close the deal or ask for a case. So, now we do that for you too. Today, we’ve got 12 people calling on behalf of over 200 laboratories, with what we call One Voice.

How the One Voice Program Works

So, here’s what we do. We send a postcard, introduce the doctor to your laboratory, and tell them about your special—maybe a $119 crown or whatever it is. We follow up with a phone call and ask them to give you a case and try out your lab. We save you time and you get new clients. It’s a win-win for everyone.

A Special Limited-Time Bonus

Now, for a limited time, there’s an added bonus: This May 31, right after Memorial Day, we’re going to give $10,000 to one lucky dentist.

Here’s how that will work. I’m going to send out a postcard to the nearest hundred dentists to your laboratory. I’m going to tell them about your lab: who you are, what your business name is, and what special you’re offering. Then we’re going to tell the doctor about our QR code. In case you don’t know what a QR code is, it’s a scannable square barcode you point your smartphone camera at. When you do that, a website pops up on your screen. The doctor follows that link to the website. He can register to win $10,000 in free services from your lab; no purchase necessary. I’m paying the bill. So, on May 31, one lucky dentist is going to win $10,000 from one lucky lab.

Double Their Chances of Winning

You may be thinking that my sales staff are going to lose their jobs. But you don’t need to worry because we still have stuff for them to do. When a doctor clicks on your QR code, we’re going to call them and say, “Hey, check it out, send this lab one case and you will double your chances of winning.” So, now instead of the doctor being entered once, the doctor is entered twice. 

And it gets better: if they send you a case and they’re selected a winner, it isn’t $10,000 anymore, it’s $12,000. So, how do we do that? We’re going to pay the bill. We tell that winning doctor to use your lab for four consecutive months. Whatever your lab bill is, we’ll pay up to $3,000/month. So, if the lab bills $500, we’re going to pay $500. If the lab bill for the month is $3,500 we pay $3.000. The point is, we’re willing to spend up to $12,000.

Sign Up for One Voice Today!

So, the easiest way to get a doctor to use your lab is to sign up for One Voice. We’re going to charge you $195/month for this service. In return, we’re going to send postcards to the nearest hundred dentists to your lab, or the next town over, if you prefer. The postcard is going to be an advertisement for you. It’s going to say, “Click on the QR code, register to win $10,000.” My team is going to follow up and tell that doctor to click on the QR code. If they send you a case, they will double their chance of winning $12,000.

So that’s it. Today’s episode of AmericaSmiles, Tips, and Tricks is a win for everyone—The doctors get a great, reliable lab, I get your business, and you get more clients!

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